Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not home yet

We went to pick up our camper, but weren't able to take it home. There were a couple minor things that needed to be taken car of. We're hoping to get it Wednesday or Thursday. It actually worked out for the best since the weather was far from desirable. Snow, rain, wind yuck

We had to do our run through inside. This is acutally ours!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


2 weeks to go when until we get our new "PUP" in the camping world that stands for Pop-Up. We started out tent camping on our trip to Montana, which was first. But we're ready to get off the ground and out of the tent.

This is the same model as ours

I set Michael up with a popup camper message board where he is getting all kinds of advice and tips. One thing he picked up there is that everyone names their PUPs. So we "had" to come up with a name for ours. I suggested "Dakota" since Michael's from SD, and Dakota it is!

Can't wait to publish some pics of our new baby PUP!