Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Goodbye My Friend

I lost a good friend early Monday morning. Her name is Margaret McCormick. She was a part of my life from the beginning. She gave me my first bath after I was born. She watched me grow up. She was there to hem my wedding dress when I got married. She watched my children grow up, in fact she spent the day with my oldest son when my second child was born.

Margaret was the dearest, sweetest person. She was also my mom's best friend. When I look at her picture it seems so strange to me, that she is actually gone from this world. I was priviledged to have spent time with her during her last few hours. I held her hand, and talked with her. I prayed with her, and I hugged her. Life was tough on her the last year, with one assault after another on her body. Her mind was sharp to the very end, but her body wore out.

At apx 3:30 am Monday morning, Margaret left this world and walked through the door to enternal life into the arms of her sweet savior Jesus. Waiting for her were her parents, sister, brothers, husband and her oldest son. Until we meet again my dear sweet friend Margaret, I will miss you dearly.